Cheminis Lab

Cheminis Lab was founded in 2021 by Marc Milot, PhD, a research and data psychologist in Montreal, Quebec. Marc works in the workplace mental health industry and serves as principal investigator on Cheminis Lab research projects in the following areas:

  • Climate and Environmental Psychology

  • Men’s Mental Health

  • Ethics in Mental Health Care

  • Pro bono research assistance

Research Areas

Men’s mental health

Men’s help-seeking patterns and stigma

Psychology of climate change

The psychology of climate change beliefs and attitudes

Intervention research

Impacts of low-cost community-based counselling

Ethics in mental health care

Ethical  issues in for-profit mental health care

Pro bono research services

We help eligible nonprofits and charities with research and evaluation.


Milot. M. (2022). The Therapeutic Alliance as an Indicator of Well-Implemented and Impactful Employee Counseling Services: Deployment of the Brief Therapeutic Alliance Scale in an Employee Assistance Program. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health.

Milot M. (2022). The Elephant in the Room: The Disproportional Underuse of Employee Assistance Program Counselling Services by Men. IFEBP Plans & Trusts magazine (Nov/Dec Issue).

Ongoing studies

Trust in sources of climate change reporting and climate change beliefs and policy support in Canada

Gender and perceived stress levels in a representative sample of Canadians

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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to discovery and assistance in psychological research

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